Advantages of Investing in Cyprus Citizenship


There are a lot of benefits that come with citizenship by investment in cyprus.
Let’s check them out.

1. You are granted Citizenship fast

The process of getting Cyprus citizenship through investment is easy and fast. It only takes you a minimum of 6 months to be a full Cyprus citizen. As opposed to other ways like marriage, or naturalization, which may take years before you become a citizen of Cyprus.

2. Travel around European countries without a visa

If you have a Cyprian passport you don’t require a visa to move around European countries. So, once you get the Cyprus citizenship, buckle up and get ready to go on an adventure in over 100 countries in the EU.

3. You don’t have to live there

Once you are registered as a Cyprus citizen and granted a passport, you don’t need to be there physically. You can still live in your original country and be a Cyprus citizen at the same time. You will always have Cyprus citizenship as long as your registration is valid.

4. Get a Better Quality Life

As a Cyprian citizen, you are entitled to live, and work there. You are also eligible to get all the world-class services e.g. world-class education and healthcare services. Holding a Cypriot passport also means you can travel around the EU freely without a visa. And, as we all know, travel is good for you.

5. Bring your family along

Just because you have invested in Cyprus citizenship doesn’t mean that you are separated from your family. The good news is, once your application is accepted, even your immediate family, your parents, spouse, and children, is eligible for passports.

6. language is not a requirement

Good thing about applying for citizenship in Cyprus by investment is that you don’t have to go through any language tests or learn any languages.


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